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New app

Name: Katy
Age: 17
Location: Southampton, England
Sex: Female
Status: Got a boyfriend <333

Bands: Greenday, Taking Back Sunday, NFG, Simple plan etc
Movies: Mean Girls, Peter Pan! Pirates of the caribbean
Actor: Johnny Depp/George Clooney
Actress: Lindsey Lohan
Colors: Pink/Black
TV Shows: My wife and Kids, Newleyweds
Books: Elegance, Harry Potter
food: Cauliflower cheese

Make us laugh: Um... i was slagging off goldie lookin chain when i realised they were stood right behind me! lol oops!
How did you find us?: Saw a promotion somewhere
Say something random: The flying monkeys are coming to take over the world
Promote to at least 2 places, and show links: Promoted on the mcfly msg boards, and on ashlee simpson boards
What activities do you enjoy?: Ice skating, going to cinema, pub, gigs
Why should we pick you?: Cos i rock! hehe! And im an active person on lj :)


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aw i loves you app. Your vey cute too. Your automatically in but i f you werent i would still have said yes :P


ok cool :) do you need a mod or anything?
sure! Do you kow how to make premotion banners?
yeah i can make some if you like?
awsome! thatd be great!

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